AC (Association Croquet): Predominantly Bronze. Handicap range: 14 to 20.
Draw 9.45am to 12.30pm.

AC: Predominantly Gold & above. Handicap range: 2 to 8
Draw 9.45am to 12.30pm.

AC: Open. Predominantly Silver. Handicap range: 9 and above.
Rapidly improving Bronze players always welcome.
Draw 9.45am to 12.30pm.

AC: Open to all players. Handicap range: 2 to 20. Handicap play.
Draw 9.45am to 12.30pm

Afternoons from 1pm
Golf Croquet. Open to all players and visitors.
These afternoons are always great fun, and the croquet is good too.

1st Friday of every month
Platinum+ handicap range
Contact: Mike Hughes –

3rd Friday of every month
Silver players 9-12 handicap range.
Contact: Bebe Abdullah –

4th Friday of every month
Gold players. Handicap range 5 to 8.
Contact: Barbara McDonald –

Invitation Days
AC Players from other Sydney clubs are invited to join our players in a social day of competitive croquet.Visitors are always welcome at CCC.

If you are not already on our email lists please contact the relevant member in your handicap range.