Chatswood Croquet Club


It provides players with a great balance of gentle outdoor exercise and use of playing strategies to exercise the mind. See time and dates at the bottom of this page.

Play Croquet at Chatswood Croquet Club

New members are welcome and are provided with support and training to quickly enjoy social games.

Croquet is fun for women and men of all ages, as well as being as social or competitive as you wish. We have players ranging from complete beginners to state standard.

Chatswood Croquet Club has three excellent full size grass courts in an attractive location, surrounded by trees and shrubs. We are located near the centre of Chatswood and are conveniently located for public transport and car parking.

Our clubhouse can seat 40 people and we have shaded seating beside the lawns for a chat and a cuppa between games.

Croquet is a lawn game where you hit a ball through a series of hoops with a mallet. Sounds simple, but the gap is only just large enough, ensuring a challenge for even experienced players. Come to watch or try a game. Most games are played in pairs and are quite social, but there are also opportunities to play competitively.

Anyone interested in learning the basics of croquet is invited to attend a free friendly ‘come and try’ session.  

Contact New Member Officers Roe & Dan Howard on 0407 195 112 or Derek (Bob) Berry on 0450 204 729 to come & try croquet. New members and visitors are always welcome – club mallets can be borrowed for no charge.

Should you be interested in trying the game, don’t worry preparing beforehand as the ‘come and try’ session will explain what you need to know. Here is a link to a video produced for the UK Croquet Association which provides some insight into the game and those hooked on playing it.

Here is a link to a video introduction to the game of Association Croquet produced by the Basingstoke Croquet Club:

Here is a link to a video introduction to the game of Golf Croquet produced by the Toronto Croquet Club

Come and try croquet!

Experience the joy of croquet for an hour or two. Contact Roe & Dan Howard on 0407 195 112 or Bob (Derek) 0450 204 729 for relevant times.