The Club House

The new club house

The Club was founded in 1910. In 1935 the Willoughby Council bought the land and built our first club house.

Professor Stan Hall

By the 1980’s the weatherboard club house was showing signs of old age and our new house was built with contributions from the NSW Government, the Willoughby Council and our own members. The new Club House was officially opened by the Mayor of Willoughby in 1996.

The old club house

One of our leading members was Professor Stan Hall. He was our President in 1983 and 1984 and also President of Croquet NSW. He carried out original research on croquet situations like ‘the crush’. Stan was a kind man and an excellent coach. He died in January 2003 in the middle of our own Stan Hall Competition.

Our new logo

We have a brand new logo.

Our old Club Badge

Our old Club badge uses the motifs of the Willoughby Council displaying a Waratah, a Flannel Flower and Christmas Bells. The permission to use this motif was granted in 1982. Our Club Colour is Cherry Red.

For many years our patron has been the Mayoress of Willoughby.