How to Play

Beginner Programme
The Club offers coaching for beginners. Coaching sessions consist of instruction and play, at the end of which the student will have a good introduction to croquet. Lessons will be scheduled according to demand.

Association Croquet
Association Croquet is a tactical game, usually between two players, consisting of running six hoops in order with two balls, clockwise first and then anti-clockwise, and finally hitting the central peg.
It is played in a lawn measuring 35yd by 28 yards. The running of a hoop and hitting of the peg scores one point. The maximum score is, therefore, 26 points. Six hoops twice by two balls plus the pegging out.
Running a hoop and hitting another ball (roquet) entitles the player to play extra shots. One of them is the croquet shot, unique to this game, when the striker ball is hit when touching another ball. Like chess, by a simple set-up and by this entitlement of extra shots a complex tactical game develops, which is the main attraction of the game.
Croquet is a fascinating game of tactics especially appealing to people interested in intellectual challenges. It can be played at any age. Most croquet players regret not having taken up the game at an early stage of their lives!
Croquet is played in many countries, including England, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Golf Croquet
Golf Croquet is a very sociable game, which is played as singles or doubles. It is the form we introduce during our Corporate & Social Group Days, as players can immediately begin to learn skills, whilst at the same time having a lot of fun.
Points are scored by striking your ball with your mallet to cause it to run through a hoop. The first ball to run a hoop, wins that hoop. After running six hoops in a clockwise direction, hoops are then run in an anti-clockwise direction, until one pair scores seven hoops and is declared the winner of that game.
There are various tactical moves to master to ensure that your balls run the hoop before those of your opponents, including roquetting your opponent’s ball away from running the hoop, and skilful shot-making such as the block, the stop-shot and the jump-shot. Newcomers to the game derive much pleasure from learning the tactics and progressively building their skills.
So come along and enjoy some games with us and you too may become addicted to the wonderful game of Croquet.