Birthday party – December 2023
Thanks for helping to create such a great evening on Sunday. We really enjoyed learning how to play croquet (you may have some converts!) and it was a smooth and easy process to set up the meal afterwards. We have decided to make croquet an annual event as it was so much fun.

John & Ros

We had a lovely event thanks to the Chatswood Croquet Club. Their beautiful greens and clubhouse catered for all our needs and their members went above and beyond to help us play (and learn) croquet over a BBQ lunch. Thank you CCC!

Anna and Gill. September 2023

Feedback from Confluence Water – February 2022

We booked an afternoon at the Chatswood Croquet Club as a team-building activity. Club Members provided a relaxed and fun session, which was perfect in getting the team together in an interactive way after 1.5 years of working remotely. They catered to our needs, being flexible with catering arrangements for the event and were wonderful to work with through COVID- and weather-related rescheduling of our booking. I would highly recommend Chatswood Croquet Club and we look forward our next activity there.

Contact us:
Website: chatswoodcroquet.org.au
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chatswoodcroquet
Email: secretarychatswoodcroquet@gmail.com

Birthday Party Feedback – November 2022

We needed a venue to hold a birthday party for one of our family and we wanted to make it a bit more than the usual gathering at home, with good facilities and space for entertainment as well as for enjoying a dinner.

The perfect solution was available at Chatswood Croquet Club. I booked the club from late afternoon through till evening, which gave plenty of daylight in spring for playing croquet, socialising and enjoying the meal we brought with us. The kitchen was well provided with all we needed to serve drinks and dinner.

None of the 25 family members had ever played croquet, so it took about 15 minutes to learn how to tackle a game of Golf Croquet after which they selected their teams. Participants mixed up for following games. It surprised me that the children (6 to 11 years old) soon mastered the game and played so fast that they decided themselves that they wanted to extend their games. They were so keen that they resumed playing after the meal.

The evening was deemed to have been a great success, with many requests to do it again some time.