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Only Chatswood Croquet Club members may make bookings.
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Association Croquet social playing times are are Monday and Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Golf Croquet social playing times are:

  • Monday from 1pm for all players and newer members
  • Wednesday from 9:45 for all members
  • Friday from 1pm for experienced players
  • Saturday from 1:15pm for all members

VISITOR FEES: The fee per day for members of another club affiliated with the Australian Croquet Association is $5. The fee for all other visitors is $10 per visit.

PLAYING REQUIREMENTS for a COVID safe environment
Updated November 2022

Help us maintain the health and wellbeing of members and visitors by following the requirements.

If you are sick or have any flu-like symptoms – stay away and get tested. Negative RAT tests should not override the requirement to stay away from club activities, as people can be infectious for two days before delivering a positive RAT test.
Symptoms include:
 fever (37.5 degrees Celsius or higher)
 cough
 sore throat
 shortness of breath (difficulty breathing)
 runny nose
 loss of taste
 loss of smell.
Other reported symptoms include:
 fatigue
 acute blocked nosed (congestion)
 muscle pain
 joint pain
 headache
 diarrhoea
 nausea/vomiting
 loss of appetite.
Unexplained chest pain and conjunctivitis (eye infection) have also been reported as
symptoms of COVID-19.

Specific for Croquet and Clubhouse

  • Good hygiene practices – wash or sanitise your hands before and after handling any shared equipment or doors and fittings.
  • Sharing food is discouraged.

Social distancing (1.5m) is still strongly recommended.

Record keeping 

Members must book using the CCC online lawn booking sheet on the Club website or record their names in the red diary in the clubhouse.

Names of visitors must be recorded in the register in the clubhouse.

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Happy croqueting.