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Only Chatswood Croquet Club members may make bookings.
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Playing requirements for a COVID safe environment
Updated on 30 July 2021

Only Chatswood Croquet Club members may make bookings.

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· General COVID rules

· Specific COVID rules

As of Monday 2nd August 2021 there is restricted play for the purpose of exercise/outdoor recreation only subject to members complying not only with the GENERAL COVID RULES set out below but also with the additional SPECIFIC COVID RULES set out below which have been determined by the Committee.


The following MUST be followed:

1. Please understand that you might be the source of infecting others as well as potentially being infected yourself. To protect others and yourself, Chatswood Croquet Club and governments are particular about how we go about our business.

2. Everyone will be individually responsible for ensuring that they follow the NSW Public Health Guidelines. This must be checked with the NSW Government website. If you cannot check what is appropriate at any time, we would advise you not to play. Regardless, you play croquet at your own risk, notwithstanding that people before you may not have followed the guidelines.

3. If you are unwell, show any signs or symptoms of a cold, flu or coronavirus, do not go to the courts or play croquet.

4. Do not go to the club if you have been to a known Covid area

5. Social distancing of 1.5 metres must be kept in mind at all times. In other words, you should not come any closer to anyone on or off the court than an arm and mallet length away. This applies indoors and outdoors.

6. The Clubhouse is to remain closed until further notice.

7. Bring your own drink bottles. Club glasses and mugs should NOT be used.

8. Do not share food

9. Do not congregate anywhere inside or outside the clubhouse

10. Please do NOT show up without a booking or without your attendance being acknowledged or recorded.

11. Members will need to provide their own gloves, sanitisers and wipes. Take care to wipe your hands before and after handling any balls, equipment, doors and keys.

12. Take your gloves, hand sanitiser and wipes home with you in your own rubbish bag.

13. One concern that we have is the use of the toilets. Ideally, it would be safest to go to the loo before you go to croquet, don’t drink too much and then go home to your own loo. Please

don’t take this as an invitation to get dehydrated. If you do need to go to the loo, it would be very wise to use sanitisers and/or disinfectant wipes before and after using the loo.

14. Just a reminder to bring a bag that you can put any gloves, sanitisers or wipes into. Please do NOT put wipes down the toilet.

15. No Visitors currently allowed

16. Only two members can be on any court at any one time. Do not congregate either on the courts or under shelter

Personal hygiene.

The following MUST be followed:

1. Should you need to cough or sneeze, please do so into a tissue which you should throw into a bin straight away.

2. Otherwise cough or sneeze into your elbow.

3. Remove yourself from others when you cough or sneeze

4. Wash your hands with soap and water after coughing or sneezing.

5. If you speak loudly or laugh loudly in the presence of others, keep at least, but preferably more than 1.5 metres away

6. Use sanitiser if soap and water are not available

7. Avoid contact with people who are unwell

8. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth and face in general if you have contacted a common surface

9. Particularly if you note that some people are poor at social distancing, it is reasonable to wear a mask to croquet, particularly as it is not a high-intensity sport

Our full NSW Government Covid-19 Safety Plan is posted in the clubhouse or is available on request

ADDITIONAL SPECIFIC COVID RULES current from 2nd August 2021

Member must acknowledge reading and agreeing to these requirements via email to the Secretary prior to being eligible to use the lawns during lockdown:

· Members using the lawns must at all times comply with the NSW Health Regulations.

· Players must remain in their local government area or travel no more than 10km to be eligible to use the lawns.

· Players must use the online booking sheet on the Club website and record their name and phone number. You cannot just turn up and play on a vacant lawn.

· Players must register using the Club’s QR code on arrival at the lawn and check out when leaving. Both the booking sheet and QR code must be used.

· Under no circumstances may there be more than 2 players on a particular lawn. There is to be no mingling of players. You may only play against the one person you have arranged to play with for your session. You may not book ‘back to back’ sessions or play for more than one session on any day. You may not swap players from a different lawn during the session.

· Social distancing to be always maintained. There is to be no congregation of people across lawns.

· First pair on a lawn each day are to put out the hoops and fill the wash buckets.

· Wash balls and any clips used after each playing session, even if the balls have not been handled directly. GC players are not to use clips or white marker pegs.

· If a member uses the toilet, they must use antiseptic wipes to clean the toilet, wash basin, key and door handles. Use the key in the key box and do not use the key that is inside the clubhouse.

· Players should finish in time to wash balls and clips, clean toilet wipe all equipment, pack up, etc. for their lawn and leave well before next session begins ensuring no overlap of players.

· If there are no players on the same lawn following you, then you are to wipe the hoops with antiseptic wipes and putting them in the storage cupboard. Also wipe the padlocks.

· Only leave the hoops out if you are certain there is another player/pair immediately following your session – best to check with them on the day. We don’t want to lose any hoops.

· No visitors or non-members to be invited – it is a member only privilege.

· The clubhouse is to remain closed. Mallets may not be stored in the clubhouse.

Booking Sheet arrangements

· Players may organise a partner in advance and record both names and phone numbers on the booking sheet.

· Individuals may book and a second person may then add their name to the booking sheet, checking that they are joining an AC or GC player, as appropriate. This will simplify the logistics if you don’t know someone who wants to play at that time or you don’t have their contact details.

· If no one joins the 1st player, then they have the choice of practicing on their own or cancelling.

· Bookings to be limited to an initial trial of 2 weeks (i.e. up to and including 15th August.

· Dedicated AC playing times to be Monday 9am-1pm; Tuesday 9am-1pm; Thursday 1pm-5pm; and Saturday 9am-1pm.

· Dedicated GC playing times to be Wednesday 9am-5pm; Friday 1pm-5pm; and Saturday 1pm-5pm.

· All other playing times are open to either AC or GC.

Payment of lawn fees

Lawn fees are now fixed at one annual payment of $170 payments to be delayed until COVID restrictions are clearer

Happy croqueting

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